life with a soundtrack

When I was young I always imagined life’s slow progress would be less painful with a soundtrack…like they have in movies. Most of life’s successes are hard-won and accomplished by hours of practice and diligence. I liked how quickly progress could be made in movies when a soundtrack accompanied the heroine’s scenes of life.

The other day I realized my dream had come true and I hadn’t even noticed. Every day I work to a soundtrack. This made me laugh to think of. My work, hour by hour, is accompanied by music. Does it make the massage go faster? Not really, thankfully for the client, right?! Knotty muscles relax more quickly? Not exactly although it might help with the overall relaxation I hope.

I’ve put together a new compilation CD that I will enjoy using to massage you in the near future or whenever your schedule allows you to come in. Its songs are culled from some of my favorite CDs. Whenever possible I try to use “real” music instead of the never-ending, never-resolving massage-y music sold specifically as background music. This usually means I can only take 1 or 2 songs from each album. I hope you will enjoy it. Here are some of the artists you’ll hear on it:

One of my absolute favorite memories from massage school was our last day of technique practice. We usually listened to music while we worked. On this day, the owner of the massage school hired Stanley Greenthal to play for us LIVE as we worked. It was a generous act that blew me away. So great. Thank you Brian Utting!