What if a light on our foreheads flashed MAINT REQD when our bodies needed to get our attention?

We have a new car that has a helpful little light that goes on when Maintenance is Required. I believe it’s time for an oil change and a new air filter. The older car this one replaced could have always had a MAINT REQD light on. I was reflecting the other day how we never go to the mechanic any more. I don’t exactly miss him, although he was a very nice man. I’m sure he’s doing fine without us.

Seeing the MAINT REQD light made me think about the human body, my body, and the bodies I regularly work on doing massage. For a long time I’ve said that many of us walk around in our bodies the way we drive around in our cars: without a clue how they work and only paying attention when something “breaks.” Of course others of us are very body-aware and really cultivate health by carefully choosing what we eat, how we move and exercise, prioritizing sleep and rest, and including joyful activities along with all the responsibilities that characterize our lives. However, there are times when we take our bodies for granted and get a bit miffed when “something breaks” or we finally admit we carry a lot of pain around each day in our necks, shoulders, hips or feet.

MAINT: What is your Maintenance Required? For me, maintenance includes good food, laughter, chiropractic, massage, and sleep to name a few. I am really struggling these days with regular exercise, although I’ve been loving Walkahikes! What good care do you take of your precious resource of a body? Do tell in the comments below. Thanks!


The 3 martini playdate give-away

Read this book after you read all the attachment parenting books.

I’m doing a little research for a book I may or may not every write about life after kids arrive. The 3 Martini Playdate by Christie Mellor (Chronicle Books) is hysterical and my favorite so far in this genre of books. One night I was reading it by flashlight in the same room my son was trying to fall asleep in. I had to set it down because I kept laughing out loud, thereby prolonging the process of falling asleep by the curious 7-year-old. “Mommy! What are you reading?”

I knew I was going to enjoy the book, when on the first page the author slammed the term “playdate.” I personally loathe the term. Here are a couple of other gems:

All those expensive childproofing locks that you think are securing your arsenal of nail clippers, screwdrivers, and kabob skewers are nothing more than high-powered magnets for children, who have usually figured out how to unlock all of the more complicated ones by the age of two or three anyway. You might as well festoon all your drawers and cabinets with brightly colored flags that say “Hey, You! Kid! Fun and Danger in Here!” (p.25)

Once you’re ready to go, it’s wisest not to ask permission of your progeny. Now would not be the time to say, “Honey, we want to leave in about five minutes, is that okay?” Your child might be having the worst time of his life, but given the opportunity of deciding the fate of the entire family, well, what choice do you think a four-year-old will make? (p. 49)

The demands of a small household in an urban environment may not be quite so great, but I say it is high time we realize that we have a wealth of energetic and affordable labor sitting in front of the television set snacking on overpriced novelty food. Let’s tap this underutilized national resource, for the sake of their characters, and because we can. (p. 68)

I would sum up the book as an encouragement to not lose your life in the minutiae of kid-world, since, eventually those darling kids you’ve doted over drop you like a hot potato at some point.

So, please share a quick funny story in the comments below for a chance to win this book. Your story could be a funny ah-ha moment of parenting or perhaps observing someone else’s wacky parenting. It could be the crazy ways a 7-pound person has brought you to your knees. If you’re the lucky winner and you’re local we can arrange a drop off. If you’re not local, I’ll mail it to you. Good luck!

couch po-ta-to

Recently my husband & I watched an entire day of movies. This is very rare, I’m happy to say. We were celebrating the end of his Ph.D. program. S-E-V-E-N years of studying is a long time! So, we wanted to celebrate in some very long way. His celebration of choice was a Lord of the Rings extended version back-to-back-to-back movie marathon. Fortunately, I like these movies too.

But I’m not used to being a couch po-ta-to (as Samwise Gamgee would say). And by day’s end my hip hurt after being enveloped by a couch all day. Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to mine a lesson out of the all-day movie marathon (such as)

  • how to sit on a couch for 11 hours in the most ergonomically correct way
  • how to slay the Nazgûl while engaging core muscles
  • how to toss a dwarf without straining one’s bicep tendon

I’ll just say that celebrating life’s accomplishments is very important and that watching 11 hours of TV in a day is very bad. So do the first, but not the second (at least not very often). That’s it for today! Now where did I put that lembas bread?