Postpartum Doula Care

What is a postpartum doula?


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A postpartum doula comes along side you and your family to ease the transition of bringing your new baby home. I come to your home to help you any time in the first 12 weeks after baby’s birth. Whether you are bringing your first baby home or expanding your family, I help ensure a smoother transition in a number of tangible ways.

  • infant care: bathing, clipping nails, cord care, changing diapers
  • assistance with breastfeeding, bottle feeding and pumping
  • caring for the infant while you nap, shower, and catch a moment for yourself
  • light household cleaning & tidying up around the house
  • light cooking, meal prep, meal planning or shopping
  • referrals to helpful resources (services, books, apps, stores, websites, etc.)
  • techniques for soothing the baby, including infant massage instruction
  • help juggling time with older siblings
  • running errands together or at the beginning or end of my shift
  • laundering baby’s clothes, household towels and sheets
  • organizing the home for easier baby care & help with baby equipment
  • help learning baby’s cues, understanding what science says about infants’ abilities
  • encouragement, support and a non-judgmental listening ear
  • relaxing shoulder or foot massage each time I come (why not? I’m a massage therapist!)

Sounds great, doesn’t it? In other cultures or other times, a new family would have this kind of help within their community of family and friends. Today, here in Houston, there are a blessed few who have this kind of support. Hiring a postpartum doula to help you can be a solution that works for you and your family. You will be hiring someone who is non-judgmental, up-to-date on current research and knowledgeable about a variety of ways to approach each challenge. This may have benefits even if you do have some support from family and friends. Perhaps you have a short maternity leave and want to make the most of your time with the baby to develop a strong bond; hiring a postpartum doula can help you focus more on the baby and use this precious time to the fullest.

If you are considering postpartum doula care and have some questions or want to meet in person, I’m happy to offer a complimentary consultation where we go over what you need, where you live, how many hours of service you might benefit from, pricing and other details. If we agree to work together, we sign an agreement and make a tentative plan. If you’re buying a bank of hours, half the fee is due up front so that I can plan other commitments around your due date. The second half of the fee is due the first day of service. Because we’re working around baby’s arrival, please let me know when you go into labor so that I can be prepared to serve you as soon as you’re ready for care.

Pricing: $25/hour for singletons; $30/hour for twins or more

Hours: 7 am – 9 pm; 4-hour minimum per visit. Schedule as many shifts as you’d like.

Nighttime care: I occasionally do nighttime care, for example, 1 night per week when a family is also hiring me for daytime care. Nighttime care is available from 9pm – 7 am and requires an 8-hour minimum. Pricing for nighttime care is $30/hour for singletons; $35 for twins or more.

IMG_3350Back-up: I do not provide back-up for postpartum doula care. Because I am also a birth doula there may be a day when I am unavailable to come as scheduled due to being called to a birth. I will notify you as soon as possible that I’m unable to come for my scheduled shift and we will reschedule together.

I want the best for your family, to ease your transition and decrease the strain a new baby places on your relationships. If you have any questions, let’s talk on the phone about how postpartum doula care can help you adjust to your new role and enjoy your first few months with your precious baby. Read some testimonials about the care I’ve provided to other families like yours.