Birth Doula Care

Birth Doula – your companion during labor and birth, assisting you and your partner by providing physical comfort, a sense of calm and continuity, emotional support, information and encouragement. I’m there to cheer you on, reassure you, keep labor moving and celebrate with you. I don’t replace your loved ones; I come alongside you as you navigate pregnancy, labor, birth and your postpartum transition. (For information on Postpartum Doula Care, see here.)

The rise of the role of the birth doula in the United States corresponds to the rise in the medicalization of birth, a desire to maximize the benefits and minimize the downsides of that medicalization and the modern couple’s propensity to live far from family. As a birth doula I support your desires for birth in a non-medical role. I provide continuous labor support, physical comfort (through massage in particular), and emotional & informational support. I’m available to you throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period to answer questions, offer encouragement and help you sort out the various options you’re presented with along the way. We know a lot about birth, but we don’t know how your baby’s birth will unfold. I assist couples as they navigate their unique journey together.

For birth doula services, I work at Bassett Baby Planning. The way we operate, we begin with a complimentary consultation to see if we feel we are a good match on both ends. If we proceed, we meet three times before labor is expected, sign an agreement together and get to know each other before the big day (or night!?!). Fees for service are set by and paid to Bassett Baby Planning. Availability? An easy way to check my availability is on Also, feel free to call me at 832-302-9386 or email me at susan.young (at) bassettbabyplanning (dot) com.

View what satisfied clients have said about my support on the Testimonials page.


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