Birth Doula Care

“Susan was a wonderfully calming and reassuring presence during labor. We wanted to have a natural birth, but chose to be in a hospital instead of a birth center because it was my first pregnancy. Susan was very helpful in supporting us when the medical staff were trying to push for medical interventions (such as Pitocin). She encouraged me to try different positions to help progress the labor and helped maintain a calm atmosphere in the labor room. In addition to helping me labor in different positions, she offered massages, kept track of events during the labor, played a relaxation recording, helped us anticipate and prepare for upcoming events (such as shift changes and stages of labor) and helped me to allow my body to do what it was capable of. I am confident that Susan’s presence during my labor helped me to have an unmedicated birth. Susan provided support not only for me, but also for my husband. She knew when to give us space and helped him feel confident in supporting me and standing up to the medical staff. We were so fortunate to have her supporting us during the birth of our daughter. I would highly recommend her to others.” Mom from The Heights

“I don’t even know where to begin! Susan Young taught us our childbirth class. It was very informative and super beneficial for us as first time parents. We loved taking the class one on one instead of in a larger class format because it was tailored to our questions and concerns. We really walked away with a lot of important information! We were also so thankful to Susan for the support she gave me, my husband and our precious baby girl through labor and delivery as our birth doula. She was a life saver and helped us tremendously through some of our most challenging times – I am so thankful we had her there! Finally, I’m thankful for her help as one of our postpartum doulas. Her advice and suggestions have worked like a charm and have saved us a lot of frustration. Susan is truly amazing and we really enjoyed getting to know her.” mom from Midtown

I have several testimonials on a website called DoulaMatch.net. Please visit my profile to hear how I’ve helped other families like yours during labor and birth.

Postpartum Doula Care

“Susan helped me with pumping which will give me a little freedom.” Mom from Memorial City

“Susan has a gentle demeanor and flexibility too! She provided time for me to rest and give needed attention to our toddler.” Mom from Woodlake

“Susan gave me perspective on ways that I can engage with our baby.” Dad from Briar Meadow

Childbirth Classes

“Susan is a great teacher. We had three packed childbirth education classes with her, but the classes were never boring. She incorporated relaxation exercises into each class as well as movements and positions to try during labor. I feel much more prepared to labor naturally and my husband feels more empowered as my coach. Susan also gave us trustworthy resources to access about labor and delivery as well as baby care, breastfeeding, and postpartum concerns.” Mom from Clear Lake

“Working with Susan throughout my pregnancy allowed her to really get to know my husband and me. She really tailored the classes to our personality and sent me links and told me about videos and websites that she knew I would love. She is so sweet and thoughtful, I ate up everything she sent me…I feel there is a big gap between doctors and patients in terms of communication, and Susan filled that gap in beautifully for me. ” Mom from Tanglewood


“I’ve been looking for relief for extreme tightness in my neck and shoulders and was so happy to find Susan. She took the time to explore my needs and tailored the massage to meet those needs. Her voice is gentle and her hands are powerful yet soothing. I can’t wait for the next session and plan to add this “me” time to my weekly schedule.” small business owner

“I came to Susan due to chronic pain during pregnancy. She is the most talented and caring massage therapist I have found and she makes a huge difference in the comfort of my pregnancy. I highly recommend her for other pregnant women. She is very interested in helping pregnant women and offers packages to promote regular massage during pregnancy. ” first time mom

I have several testimonials on a website called DoulaMatch.net. Please visit my profile to hear how I’ve helped other families like yours.