Make your Vocation your Vacation

IMGP3295Years ago I took a trip to the city dump. I had my car loaded with things to get rid of. There was a man working at the entrance/exit booth. His job was a simple one – weigh the vehicles, collect people’s fees, answer questions. I remember this guy was wearing a colorful Hawaiian shirt and a huge smile. He had lively music blaring from his small booth and a spring in his step. This was years ago and I still remember! I met him once, for about 30 seconds, but he made a big impression on me. He had a sign in the window of his booth:

Make your vocation your vacation.

I don’t know if I have been able to take this attitude to work with me every day, but as I wind things up, I want to pass the idea along to you. Life is too short and work is too prominent in our lives to have it be pure drudgery. When I made a work key for myself, I decided to capture this vocation/vacation idea by the choice of key design. Each time I open my studio door I think about whether it’s going to be a vacation day.

I’ll be turning in this key soon. I will be working through the end of June. I’ll be taking the blog off-line at that time too. I want to thank each of you for making my worklife so enjoyable. It has been a great adventure offering massage over the last 10 years. Click on the “Actual Massage” tab to see my very favorite recommendations for massage therapists in the area. You’ll be in very good hands with each of these therapists.

Many blessings to you all. And thank you! Susan