Park It, Mr. To-Do List!

I’ve had this image in my mind lately. When people come in for massage, I imagine them parking their “To Do” lists on the counter before they get comfy on the table.  There isn’t a thing you can accomplish while on the massage table, unless “Get a massage” was on your list to begin with (not a bad idea). So, why not consciously park the list. Shush the “to do’s” when they try to encroach on your massage time and truly be present.

On a related topic, I had one client who loved to chat when she came in for her massage sessions. I’m an extrovert, so I had a hard time resisting the lure of conversation. But I felt like she was missing a lot of the experience while we conversed. So I challenged her to try some silence. She beamed after the session. “I got so much more out of it!” she said, amazed at the difference. You actually get a lot of conversation from your body as you receive a massage. Tune in. If I’m talking too much, let me know.

Next time you come in for a massage think about parking your list. If that image doesn’t work, perhaps open an imaginary filing cabinet and file your should-be-doing’s list and close the drawer. Or hand them in to the imaginary coat-check gal. There will be plenty of time later to check things off your list. Sometimes our brains work well with an imaginary device like this. It’s a lot like out-smarting stress. Good luck!


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