Park It, Mr. To-Do List!

I’ve had this image in my mind lately. When people come in for massage, I imagine them parking their “To Do” lists on the counter before they get comfy on the table.  There isn’t a thing you can accomplish while on the massage table, unless “Get a massage” was on your list to begin with (not a bad idea). So, why not consciously park the list. Shush the “to do’s” when they try to encroach on your massage time and truly be present.

On a related topic, I had one client who loved to chat when she came in for her massage sessions. I’m an extrovert, so I had a hard time resisting the lure of conversation. But I felt like she was missing a lot of the experience while we conversed. So I challenged her to try some silence. She beamed after the session. “I got so much more out of it!” she said, amazed at the difference. You actually get a lot of conversation from your body as you receive a massage. Tune in. If I’m talking too much, let me know.

Next time you come in for a massage think about parking your list. If that image doesn’t work, perhaps open an imaginary filing cabinet and file your should-be-doing’s list and close the drawer. Or hand them in to the imaginary coat-check gal. There will be plenty of time later to check things off your list. Sometimes our brains work well with an imaginary device like this. It’s a lot like out-smarting stress. Good luck!



What if a light on our foreheads flashed MAINT REQD when our bodies needed to get our attention?

We have a new car that has a helpful little light that goes on when Maintenance is Required. I believe it’s time for an oil change and a new air filter. The older car this one replaced could have always had a MAINT REQD light on. I was reflecting the other day how we never go to the mechanic any more. I don’t exactly miss him, although he was a very nice man. I’m sure he’s doing fine without us.

Seeing the MAINT REQD light made me think about the human body, my body, and the bodies I regularly work on doing massage. For a long time I’ve said that many of us walk around in our bodies the way we drive around in our cars: without a clue how they work and only paying attention when something “breaks.” Of course others of us are very body-aware and really cultivate health by carefully choosing what we eat, how we move and exercise, prioritizing sleep and rest, and including joyful activities along with all the responsibilities that characterize our lives. However, there are times when we take our bodies for granted and get a bit miffed when “something breaks” or we finally admit we carry a lot of pain around each day in our necks, shoulders, hips or feet.

MAINT: What is your Maintenance Required? For me, maintenance includes good food, laughter, chiropractic, massage, and sleep to name a few. I am really struggling these days with regular exercise, although I’ve been loving Walkahikes! What good care do you take of your precious resource of a body? Do tell in the comments below. Thanks!