Sneaky little baby!

I had the fun opportunity to babysit a 4-month-old baby over the weekend. He was a cutie, but also a sneaky little baby! Can you believe I strained an arm muscle holding this sneaky little baby?! I couldn’t believe it.

The irony of little babies is that although they are very light, relative to what they’ll weigh later, they don’t carry their own weight at all. They are floppy, floppy. Older babies will kind of wrap themselves around you and hold on (if they want to be held). But not infants.

From working out you know that any time you use a muscle that you haven’t been using much or use a muscle in a new way, you can strain it. It’s nothing serious, but can be annoying. Most over-do-it strains will resolve in about a day or so. You can help a sore muscle by 

  • massaging it,
  • stretching it,
  • resting it, and
  • moving it.
  • You can use a little arnica creme if you have it on hand.
  • You can also use a heat pad or ice pack if you want.

New parents are likely to encounter some muscle strains as they carry around their cute, sneaky little babies. For new moms, the physical demands of caring for an infant are significantly different than the physical demands of pregnancy. The carrying and lifting are like a new upper body workout. And all of this happens in the context of weakened abdominals.

So beware those sneaky little babies! Don’t be discouraged about minor strains, but treat yourself well. Ask one of the many people who wants to come and see the baby to

  • carry the baby for you
  • give you a little massage
  • bring you some arnica creme & a hot pack

Go ahead and put them to work. They will be glad to do it!


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