One little change – lighten up!

ready to scrub!A conversation today led me to a new thought. What if I dropped all the negativity I felt when doing household chores – would it lead to less strain on my body? Over the years I have marveled at how I can regularly manage the physicality of doing massage while cleaning the bathtub can strain my shoulder! Of course, I could clean more frequently, necessitating less strenuous scrubbing. But the new thought today was this – what if the negative attitude I have while scrubbing the tub contributed to muscle tension, which led to muscle/joint strain? What if, indeed?

When I write “one little change” articles, I share things I’ve learned and regularly practice. This time, I submit a proposal instead of a tried-and-true tip. Join me in this experiment and let me know if you notice any difference. My most common negative attitude while doing household chores is resentment. Am I really the only person in the house who notices the need to clean? Why is it always me that follows through? Why am I the one cleaning at 10:30 pm the night before a visitor arrives? There are many ways to answer these questions and great conversations to have at a relaxed family meeting. But, while the actual cleaning is going on, what if I consciously set aside these resentments and chose to put on a cheerful attitude while also putting on a pair of gloves? I’m game to try. Please share in the comments below any wisdom you’ve gained over the years in this area. I would love to hear your story.


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