Cell Phones & Massage

I saw a great sign at the eye doctor’s office today. We LOVE our eye doctor, by the way.

If you need to answer your cell phone

the doctor will leave the room to give you privacy

and will return in an hour or two.

I have had some interesting experiences with cell phones ringing during massage appointments: spooky sounding ringtones, super high volume, alarms going off when 10 different text messages arrived, a boyfriend calling exactly 1 hour after his girlfriend’s appointment began. I totally get it if you are the only parent in town and want to leave your phone on in case something goes wrong at school or with the babysitter. But I have had some less discriminating cell phone users laying on my table over the years.

My all-time favorite was a client who not only left her phone on, but answered it twice and one of those times proceeded to talk on the phone for 3-5 minutes. It did not sound like an urgent conversation. She signaled me to keep massaging while she talked. And this was after showing up 25 minutes late for a one hour session.


I know none of you are like that, so let’s have a good laugh. Write in the comments below your favorite cell phone faux pas.


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