top 3 things to never do

I could easily post a Top 10 list, but let’s start with just 3 things you should never do if you want to be kind to your body.

Numero Uno: Yes, yes, we all like to multi-task. But please consider the assault on your neck/shoulder muscles when you prop the phone between your ear and shoulder. It was bad enough when our phones were bulkier. Now phones are so slim you really have to torque your body to accomplish this time-saving, body-abusing convenience. Just wait to make a call, use an earpiece, use speakerphone or figure something else out. Save those muscles a lot of grief by avoiding this whether it’s while cooking, typing, holding a child or loading a car. Your body with thank you and your massage therapist will thank you!

Numero Dos: “I’ll just do this quick thing on the computer.” And I’ll also strain my neck, back, wrists, scrunch up my forehead trying to see…Oh, wait, look! There’s a chair within feet of where I am. Why don’t I just have a seat! Brilliant idea! We often see this at work, especially with people who service computers. When you’re at someone else’s work station, I think this temptation is pretty strong.  Just sit down – your body will thank you.

Numero Tres: sometimes my son and I get carried away with the wrestling…never underestimate the power of an 8-year-old boy thick with imagination.

Hats off to Lindsay George, professional photographer and retoucher. She is fantastic at what she does and only makes you look like this if you ask nicely. You can reach her at lindziam (at) gmail (dot) com. She took some lovely family photos for us last year.


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