Homemade Heat Pack

Today I sat down to make a homemade heat pack. I decided to snap a few pics along the way.

Heat can soothe sore muscles, loosen ligaments before exercise, and warm you up on a cold day. Of course, no one in the country seems to need that right now!?! Crazy heat, huh? I’m making heat packs which we might use when my friend goes into labor. Heat can help relax tight muscles and ease pain.

What you’ll need:

You can make a simple heatable pack with some fabric, thread, and rice. No need for fancy, organic, free-range rice. I got this 20-lb. bag for $10. I decided to use a pillowcase we no longer needed. This saved me a little time because I could take advantage of some seams that were already sewn. But word to the wise, make sure your fabric is strong enough to hold the rice. I used an OLD, TIRED pillowcase and it tore when I filled it.

Decide what size and shape you’d like your heatable pack to be and cut that shape out. Sew it up by hand or with a machine leaving a space to fill the inside with rice. Scoop the rice in. You want it fairly full but not completely packed. (Very scientific, huh?)You’ll finish sewing the opening by hand. Voilà!

To use it, you can heat it in the microwave for 1 minute, take it out and shift the contents, heat for another 1 minute. Smaller packs should be heated less. Learn how long your pack needs to get heated through so that you don’t burn it. If you burn it, you’ll probably want to replace the rice inside.

I can verify that threading a needle gets much more difficult as one gets older.

Sewing by hand took me about an hour whereas I know machine sewing this project would have taken about 5-10 minutes tops. But if you borrow someone’s sewing machine, never ask to borrow a Bernina! (Right, Bob?)


One thought on “Homemade Heat Pack

  1. Bob says:

    The good thing about asking to borrow a Bernina sewing machine is that they will offer to sew it FOR you!!!! Just try it! 🙂

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