summer’s coming…are you ready?

If you’re a parent with young kids, there’s often a mixture of feelings swirling around you as summer approaches.

Good feelings:

  • a break from making lunches
  • a break from dragging kids out of bed each morning
  • getting to see those little angels more
  • family time away and at home

Bad feelings:

  • how do I work while I have my kids all summer
  • will expenses far outrun income?
  • why is summer so long?
  • why do I resent summer when I used to love it?!?
  • Argh!

As a 1-person, service-oriented business, summer can be challenging for me. My highest priority is to take care of my current clients rewarding their loyalty with my best availability. However, the phone still rings and new people want to come in for appointments too. Gift certificate recipients like to be able to schedule an appointment within a reasonable amount of time, redeeming the super nice gift someone gave them while they have some free time. So, summer can feel like juggling.

This summer we have 2 weeks away planned, one early, one late. Our son will be in a science camps 2 weeks and a cub scout camp 1 week. Thankfully in La Cañada there’s a great drop-in camp called Buff Buddies that he can go to when needed. Check out Buff Buddies – the program and facilities are really great. With no family in town, summer can be tricky to navigate. But…I have to remember life is not all work and having fun together is not to be forgotten in the hustle and bustle. Legos, Yu-Gi-Oh!, bike riding here I come!

How about you? Are there any other parents who find themselves with a mixed outlook on the summer ahead? It’s June and school’s almost out! Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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