Stick ’em up!

We finally got a digital camera…I know, I know…creeping into the current century. But, now I can more easily add little pics with my posts. So here, ladies and gentlemen, is my husband striking a pose I like to call “Stick ’em up!”

My chiropractor, Rion Zimmerman, encouraged me to stick ’em up after every massage I give. 2 minutes in stick ’em up, helps remind your body where your plumbline is. Imagine a plumbline hanging through the center of your body. Most of us carry our heads forward of this centerline and something has to compensate. Tight muscles in the back of the neck and all the way down the spine come to mind.

In stick ’em up put your heels, seat, shoulder blades and head against the wall. Raise your arms just above 90° and take some nice, slow breaths. Stick ’em up is great for breaks from the computer, after cleaning the house, or following a Saturday morning Lego play fest.

Thank you Steve. You can now hand over your wallet.


4 thoughts on “Stick ’em up!

    • Thanks! You’ll notice Steve is standing against the door in this picture. As you know, we don’t have any walls that aren’t covered by bookshelves. This was our only “wall” he could stand against! Ha ha. Enjoy Stick ’em Up!

  1. mer says:

    Very cute!
    Good to see Steven – even though only via digital camera!
    I will try the “Stick’em up” when my feet are better!
    Have a great weekend!

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