one bad ear…

Well, let’s just say I spoke too soon about the car getting fixed. It’s back in the shop. Might be time to upgrade to a newer, used car. The car in question is a humble 1989 Nissan Stanza. Hmmm….  Luckily we have another car. Our back-up car is a 1988 Volvo. When riding around in that one today, something my dad used to say came to mind.

Dad used to say he had one bad ear and one rotten ear. Then he lost the hearing in his bad ear.


One thought on “one bad ear…

  1. Lee says:

    OMG Susan…that car is an antique! Now’s the time to buy a car I think. My parents just bought one and my dad, being the Iranian bargainer that he is, talked the salesman down by like, $7000 or something incredible. Good luck!

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