Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

At the end of the week I’ll be heading to Scottsdale, AZ to attend the second part of a training for a massage technique called Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. A rather long name, I know. It’s a great modality where I use my clean, smooth feet to deliver a great massage to the back of the body. It’s perfect for those who like deeper pressure (and aren’t put off by feet!). Here’s a link if you’re intrigued.

I learned the first part of the modality in June ’09. The first part involves what are called seated strokes and one-footed strokes. Some of the strokes are delivered to the back while the therapist is seated on a high stool. The one-footed strokes are performed standing on the table with one foot anchored on the table and the other foot surfing around on the back, hips and glutes, and back of legs. What I’ll be learning next are the two-footed strokes. There are lovely, deep strokes up and down the spine as well as up and down the back of the legs. It almost looks like the person is getting rolled out like pizza dough (happy pizza dough). I’m excited to not only have the chance to learn more of the Ashiatsu technique, but also to have a few days off from mom-duty.

I decided to start the conversation with my son early. “Mommy’s going to be gone next week for a few days,” I offered during a cuddle time.  “Yes!” he replied, raising his hand in the air enthusiastically. “Now Daddy and I can implement our secret plan!” Oh, gee, I’m so sorry you’ll miss me. Seeing as how he gets at least 50% of his trouble-maker tendencies from me, I asked “What’s your secret plan?” “I can’t tell you, Mommy!” rolling his eyes. “It’s a secret.”

A couple days later my son asked if we could go to In ‘N Out Burgers instead of eating the fantastic meal I was preparing. “No, but I bet when I’m gone, Daddy will take you there.”  “Yes!” was his reply, cunning in his eyes as he began to realize what amazing potential there could be in Mommy leaving town. Will I miss him/them? Sure, but I will enjoy a few days off from making lunches, nagging him to get up, get dressed, brush his teeth, get in the car….need I go on? Parents are always working. We only get paid for some of it.


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