Childbirth Classes

Private classes, both Virtual and In-person

Covid-19 has changed our world! If your childbirth class was cancelled or you simply want private education instead of a group class, I’ve got what you want. As a doula I’ve supported over 150 families in labor and postpartum and I bring all that knowledge to you in a private, virtual or in-person class. Customize what you want to learn. Ask a million questions. Let’s get you ready and feeling confident for your baby’s arrival! Investment $100 per session (except where noted)

Choose one or more of these 2 hour sessions:

  • Your Labor and Birth Experience I & II (two 2-hour sessions)
  • Comfort Measures
  • Breastfeeding and a comprehensive feeding plan
  • Meeting, Loving and Surviving Life with your Newborn
  • Navigating the Postpartum Period without Losing your Mind
  • Writing an Excellent Birth Plan (90 minutes $75)
  • Infant Massage Instruction (30 minutes $35)

I want you to feel informed and confident as you enter your birthing time! These classes will describe the labor process, highlighting variations that can occur, common medical technologies experienced here in Houston, and strategies to support your birth plan. We will emphasize decision-making tools to handle the unknowns of birth, comfort measures to use at home and at your birthing location and ways in which the partner or family member(s) can support the laboring person. Hands-on, creative and interactive, these classes will boost your confidence as the big day draws near. Learn time-tested strategies for labor, healthy 3rd trimester habits and exercises, tips for a successful postpartum experience, as well as information on initial breastfeeding and meeting your newborn.  Booklet included. Evening & weekends available for your convenience

Ready to schedule your class? Have questions? Call me at 832-302-9386 or email me at susanoyoung (at) gmail (dot) com. I look forward to hearing from you! You can also schedule through my MassageBook account here

Massage Skills for Doulas

Available upon request by at least 3 doulas. Learn 5 tips to make your massage more effective during labor. Practice techniques you can share with your clients. I’ll also share ways to decrease strain to your body as you support your clients, even during a long labor. Call to reserve your spot and get the address.               Investment = $20 per doula

Massage For Pregnant Couples

Learn 4 simple massage techniques for massaging your partner: pregnant, postpartum or your co-parent. Learn the art and skill of giving and receiving feedback. This is actually more important than massage techniques! Try out massage tools that will make your massage sessions at home or during labor easier. Women know they can go get a professional massage, but sometimes at home they just need some targeted TLC and loving touch. Learn how to help your hard-working, baby-growing lady ease the aches and pains of pregnancy or postpartum. (about 90 minutes)                 Investment= $80

Friend-la: Effective Labor Support by a Friend or Family Member

Not everyone hires a birth doula. A friend or family member can learn effective ways to support a pregnant person during labor. I’m here to help! We cover comfort techniques, info on labor, how to leave your personal views at the door and much more. If you’re serious about supporting your friend or loved one in labor, take some time to educate and prepare yourself. This is a free class because I applaud you for wanting to help out! My certifying organization, DONA International, also supports the vision of “a doula for everyone who wants one.” This is my small part.      Investment = 2 hours of our time


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